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Good for your business good for your employees/customers

It’s been well documented over recent years that a healthy workforce is a more productive workforce, and healthy eating is an essential part of a healthier lifestyle.  Throughout Mon-Fri LCFHP delivers top quality fruit and vegetables and a range of products primarily across Lanarkshire.  We supply top quality produce with guaranteed reliable deliveries at an affordable price. All of which can add value to your business.

Ordering fresh fruit and vegetables

Enjoy the convenience, freshness and cost of our fruit and vegetables, and all the profits go towards making North Lanarkshire healthier.

Services for employers

Make it easier to pick up fresh fruit and vegetables for your staff, or order for any one off company catering events, furthermore we can also deliver personal orders to your staff while they are at work.

Training and learning sessions

A range of training and learning sessions to support your staff in making a healthy lifestyle choice for both themselves and their families can be offered by our trained Nutritionists. Sessions can be tailored to create an in-house learning programme to suit the needs of your business and your staff.  We can also help you maintain your Healthy Working Lives bronze, silver or gold awards.

Benefits for all

A significant benefit from buying from ourselves is that all profits we generate from our social enterprise enable us to continue our work with vulnerable communities across North Lanarkshire.

So buying from us not only benefits your own staff well-being, but also that of the local community.


Why not trial our service and see how it benefits your business?

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