What We Do

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LCFHP is a long established registered Scottish charity which has been working throughout North Lanarkshire for the past 27 years supporting local communities improve their health through better diet. The organisation is supported by North Lanarkshire Partnership, North Lanarkshire Council, NHS Lanarkshire and the Scottish Governments Enterprise Growth Fund to tackle health inequalities related to food access and healthy eating. We do this by selling high quality, fresh produce at low cost to individuals, families and community groups, to promote access to a healthy diet through the establishment of community food interventions and to ensure their development and on-going support through the provision of training and education, for example more than 8000+ people have attended our nutrition and cooking skills classes.  We run and supply more than 40 community food co-ops where people can access high quality food as well as pick up healthy cooking advice in their local area.  In order to support our charitable aims we have various social enterprise activities which help factilite this.

We support local people in deprived areas to improve health inequalities in relation to the effects of poor diet on health.  Poor diet has a major impact on the health and wellbeing of local people, especially those living in deprived areas where:

- only 15% of adults eat 5 portions of fruit/veg each day

- 11% of adults eat no fruit and veg at all

- CHD and strokes account for 19.5% of deaths in people under 65 and 29.8% of people over 65

- Cancer accounted for 29.9% of deaths under 65 and 26.3% over 65

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