Scottish children are eating too much sugar

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Scottish children are eating too much sugar

The food Standards agency published a report in October 2012 which shows that children in Scotland are still eating too much sugar. The report outlines the results from a diet survey of 1,500 children aged between 3 and 16 years old. The researchers found that these children were consuming more added sugar than the recommended amount of no more than 11% of energy from food and drinks.

For a primary school aged child this works out to no more than 10 teaspoons per day. Considering that most popular 330ml cans of fizzy drinks will contain between 4 and 7 teaspoons of sugar and some yoghurts advertised to kids contain between 2.5 and 4 teaspoons of sugar, it can be easy for children to reach the limit of added sugar by the end of lunchtime.

To read the full food standards agency report follow the link here

by Kirsten Fullerton, Development officer LCFHP