What We Do

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The North Lanarkshire Food Aid project has been supported by the Big Lottery Fund to buy food for people experiencing a crisis in their lives. Under the Food Aid project, as well as supplying food packs, the funding also allows the FoodLink Programme to provide Food Vouchers that can be redeemed for food items at one of our 11 Food Co-ops in the North Lanarkshire area. Clients are also given our Support Direct brochure which lists local agencies offering a wide range of other services as well as our Free Phone Contact number.

We also give support to the wider community in need by supplying Food Vouchers to people in crisis attending other independent Food Banks in the Region.

In addition to providing food and vouchers to alleviate an immediate crisis, we also offer all clients, both of the FoodLink Programme and the independent Food Banks, the opportunity to attend cooking and nutrition classes run by our Nutritionists: the FoodLink Programme operates throughout North Lanarkshire.

The FoodLink Programme is a journey providing ongoing food and health support wherever needed in the community.