How It Works

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The Food Aid Programme manages the supply and distribution of food packs, as well as supplying our Suppport Direct brochure and  providing Food Vouchers redeemable at one of the 11 food co-ops in the North Lanarkshire area. The support journey is continued by Clients being offered the opportunity to attend our FoodLink Programme  classes in affordable cooking, and nutrition.

Clients in crisis should get in contact with one of our Partner referrers, listed below, who are best placed to assess need. If appropriate they will be referred to the to the Food Aid project and FoodLink Programme for food and health support.

Our agency partners are,

  • Scottish Welfare Fund
  • North Lanarkshire Council Social Work Department
  • NHS Lanarkshire
  • Citizens Advice Bureau
  • North Lanarkshire Women's Aid
  • Monkland's Women's Aid
  • Motherwell & District Women's Aid
  • Barnardo's

Referrals are carried out online and Food Packs can be collected from our local Food Co-ops, or where appropriate will be delivered to the Client’s home.

Food Vouchers redeemable at one of our 11 Food Co-ops shall be also provided; signposting of support agencies, and food and nutrition advice is included in each pack.